Peruvian Walnut

Peruvian walnut is one of my favorite woods and i am confident that you will love it to. While it is called Peruvian Walnut it only takes after walnut in one characteristic… color. Besides that it should bePeruvian Walnut called peruvian mahogany. This wood works almost exactly like mahogany. It is a softer wood as far as hardwoods are concerned. It hand planes excelently… carves excelently… and cuts excellently. it is also a very nice wood for boxes as it is very stable as it has very little cathedral grain and is mostly tight straight grain in the pieces ive worked with. It also finished beautifully. It can be taken to a nice polished surface and has a much more darker and more consistant color than walnut. For a lot of you traditionalist hand tool guys if you are looking to spice up your day i would really consider skipping on the mahogany and trying your luck with peruvian walnut.


3 responses to “Peruvian Walnut

  1. Good post…I wanted to share my experience with this wood – Peruvian Walnut. I used it in one of my clocks (M7) and I did find that shrinkage can be a problem. Of course, that’s relative to local climate changes but, this wood did move a bit more than it’s close Mahogany companions. Overall, I was satisfied with the beauty of the wood and it easy to work with. It does splinter a bit.

  2. By the way, nice blog site. Keep chargin young man! CA Maxwell, CDR, USN(ret)

    • teenagewoodworker

      Thanks! Peruvian walnut is a beautiful wood to work with. the only problem i’ve ever run into is that you really can’t find a good piece thats over 4/4 around here. they’re all cell collapsed to the high heavens.

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