Shop Tour

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the second episode of the Teen Age Woodworker. Today im going to show you around my shop. Now i have a pretty small shop like i am sure is the case for many of you out there and such as an all basements and garages there are many obstacles and things that you need to plan your shop around. So i am hoping that my shop can give you guys some ideas. I also show the wood that i will be using for the bow front desk. Sorry for the choppy video quality. My friend and i are still experimenting with the different settings on the camera as well as video files to get the best balance between quality and loadability. the AVI was to big to load so we had to go with Mpeg which is why the video quality is this way. We hope to improve it some by the next episode. But i hope that everyone likes it and feel free to post any comments or questions that you have!

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Series Overview

Hey everyone,

in this first episode i go over my plans and goals for the Teenage Woodworker series. I also outline my plans for the next few weeks. My next video will be a shop tour which i hope to have up at the beginning of next week so i hope everyone likes it and i hope to see you them!!

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Hey Everyone!

TeenagewoodworkerHey Everyone!

Welcome to my blog. I am hoping to make this the new permenant home for my blog, where i will show everyone what goes on in my shop and how i do thing. I am hoping to keep a relatively intermediate level and try to show new things so you can learn somethign everytime you come to my blog. I will be having a shop tour up pretty soon to show everyone around my shop. So thanks for looking at my blog, and i hope that you come back again!