Hey Everyone,

In this episode i give an overview of sharpening as well as the sharpening methods that work best for me… i also talk a little bit about technique and how finding the sharpening system that works for you is the best thing that you can do. also i mentioned which is a great great website for getting all things related to sharpening. I highly recommend that you give them a try. Its a great one stop shop for anything that you need. So i hope you guys enjoy this episode, and i hope to see you again next week.

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6 responses to “sharpening

  1. Good info. How do you flatten your stones, and how often is it necessary?

    • teenagewoodworker

      NoChatter i just use a simple wet dry paper on plate glass to do it. generally i’ll so with around a 400 grit for the 1000 grit stone, 1000 for the 4000 grit stone and 1500, or 2000 for the 8000 grit stone. also you can use the 1000 grit stone once its flat to flatten the 4000 and working right on up use the 4000 on the 8000 if you have separate stones.

      pretty soon im planning on buying one of those shapten glass sharpeners soon. They are very expensive but work phenomenally.

  2. Are u talking about the shapton diamond lapping plate for ~$280 for flattening the shapton stones? Getting steap for me.

    • teenagewoodworker

      yep…. like i said the sand paper works really well and you can use it on the shapton stones. but the lapping plates really work well because they sharpen faster and you don’t have to keep switching sandpaper and everything. I know Norton makes one which is much much less but the shapton diamond one is the best out there. For me where i’m hoping to go pro someday it makes sense because i’ll always have it and it works great but i can defidently see how it is really expensive.

  3. Makes sense if you are thinking about it for your long-term future and business oportunities – which you definitely are heading in the right direction. For me, I’m a hobbyist/am but do like things that are reliable and make tasks easier.

    I did some battling this weekend with my Worksharp and sharpening most of my tools again. One thing about the stones with water is the break it gives your lungs. The Worksharp, being dry, does put off some debris. No big deal if your doing ones and twos, but 17 tools later and many hours my nose had dark stuff in it!

    Thanks for all your informative posts.

    • teenagewoodworker

      true i didn’t even think of it in that aspect. 17 tools is a lot to do on the worksharp i can only imagine. Also that metal dust must be really bad for your health. I’m looking into installing a cyclone dust collection system in my shop now because i don’t want to be on an oxygen tank at 40.

      also about the flattening plate norton makes one that i’ve heard good things about. As long as you flatten the plate first. most people say its a bit out of flat but once flattened with the plate glass and sandpaper it works great.

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