Applying Hardware to Curved Drawer Fronts

Hey Everyone,

In this episode i talk about applying hardware to curved drawer fronts using my bow front desk as an example. It is a very good skill to have that is not difficult but knowing the basics will allow you to apply hardware to any front whether it is curved or not. I want to thank Horton Brasses for the hardware and advice on what hardware to use! Ive used a few of their hardware pieces before and it is really great quality stuff! If you plan on ordering hardware for curved surfaces from them then make sure to specify that the front is curved and they will include a double nut as well as a larger hole in the post for the bail. Hope you guys enjoy the episode!

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2 responses to “Applying Hardware to Curved Drawer Fronts

  1. excellent video Denis, very Imformative

    love your desk,

    Charles Neil

  2. Denis,

    I’m enjoying your blog. Would you contact me ASAP regarding a possible opportunity for you?


    Dave at WOOD

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