Bent Laminations


there have been a few setbacks to getting the milling lumber video up and i have to refilm half of it so i figured that i will release the bent laminations video. bent laminations are intimidating but in this video i go over all the infomation nesecary to allow you to try it yourself. Also my cousin Pat shows off his new quitar that hes been working on with a little help from me. Hope you guys enjoy it and remember to post any comments, questions, critiqeus, or suggestions.

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3 responses to “Bent Laminations

  1. “D” Man


    When you pre or dry bent your lamination in the clamps did you wet the wood? Did you tighten down good and hard or just sorta snug?

    Nice job on the video and what a great topic.


    • Ace – i didnt wet the wood its just dry and i just kinda snugged the clamps. theres really no reason to bear down on them just in the pre bend

  2. nice Denis, very Nice


    Charles neil

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