Hey Everyone,

In this episode i talk a bit about lumber. There is so much to know so for now i pretty much stick to the basics. The idea of this episode is to give you an understanding of your lumber at the lumberyard as well as understanding grain structure and how to use your lumber. All in All just to give you a better understanding of your wood! This video is a little more on the intermediate side but i remember that when i was just starting out woodworking a video very similar to this helped me out alot so i relayed that same information as long as added all the information i think you should know to start off with. Like i mentioned in the video i will also do later blogs more on matching grain and the like and will point it out on projects in the future. So i hope that you guys like it, and stay tuned for milling lumber which i will put out mid next week!

P.S. I just realized that i forgot to include how to measure board feet. ehhhhh. Can’t believe i forgot that as its one of the biggest things you need to know when shopping for wood. It is simple measurement though. multiply the length by the width by the thickness (all in inches). Then divide by 144 and that is the amount of board feet that is contained in the board.

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5 responses to “Lumber

  1. Nice video. You’ve got some good basic information. There’s so much to know, but you managed to give some insight for the beginner. I look forward to seeing more of your videos. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Dennis,

    We met at Tommy’s shop a few months ago during his open house. Remember Tommy was showing me how to turn my “butter knives” into sharp chisels.

    I like the video. I am in the beginning stages of planning a desk myself. Thus, I am interested to see what your plans are. Do you have a sketch or drawing? Also, where do you primarily shop for your lumber, Downes & Reader, Anderson & McQuaid, ….? Do you ever make the trip up to Highland Hardwoods in NH? Just as an FYI as you said that you have never seen rift sawn stock at the lumber yard – I purchased some rift sawn red oak from Anderson & McQuaid a few months back. I am just finishing up a bench/shoe storage unit for my entry way.

    I look forward to the next video installment.


    • teenagewoodworker

      Hey Mike!
      how’s it goin? i get pretty much all my stuff from downes and reader. The only other place that i get stuff from is Good Hope Hardwoods in PA. They pretty much sell curly and plain maple, walnut, and cherry. that is where i will get my stuff for my tilt top table and slant front desk im planning on building after the desk now. I dont have any sketches or drawing for the desk at the moment. Im not a big fan of sketches as they take way to long for my taste. On really big important projects i will but not on something like a simple desk. I usually dont work from plans and drawings anyway and just work from memory. But it is just a regular writing desk 20″ by 40″ with tapered legs. the only thing is the serpentine shape on the front. its the same as on Tommys bombe for the front. then two drawers in it. The drawers are the only hard part because i have to cut dovetails into curved material. other than the front its just a basic desk.

      by the way how’d your step stool turn out??

  3. Denis,

    The step stool turned out ok. Some dovetails are better than others. I learned a ton building this project and my hand skills have vastly improved. One of these days I will get a picture up on Tommy’s forum.


    • teenagewoodworker

      thats good. the step stool is a really good project to practice on. on mine i practiced some inlaying and finishing and its served me as a saw horse in my shop for awhile. its a nice project. when are you gonna get going on the desk??

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