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Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the second episode of the Teen Age Woodworker. Today im going to show you around my shop. Now i have a pretty small shop like i am sure is the case for many of you out there and such as an all basements and garages there are many obstacles and things that you need to plan your shop around. So i am hoping that my shop can give you guys some ideas. I also show the wood that i will be using for the bow front desk. Sorry for the choppy video quality. My friend and i are still experimenting with the different settings on the camera as well as video files to get the best balance between quality and loadability. the AVI was to big to load so we had to go with Mpeg which is why the video quality is this way. We hope to improve it some by the next episode. But i hope that everyone likes it and feel free to post any comments or questions that you have!

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10 responses to “Shop Tour

  1. That’s nice jointer planer combo you have. I saw that unit for the first time a couple of weeks ago in one of the woodworking magazines and wondered how it worked. Having a 10 inch jointer capacity must be really nice. I’ll have to look into those.

    Thanks for the cool shop tour – It’s nice to see where you work and get a glimpse into your methods and tools.

    Keep up the good work, and congrats on launching the new site.

  2. teenagewoodworker

    thanks! the jointer planer combo does work great. and the 10″ is very nice. thats mainly all that i need for jointing. because to use a 17″ piece for a case side is unethical so as long as i can fit the 9″ pieces and bookmatch im good.

  3. I really enjoyed the tour of your shop. You have a pretty good setup – especially for a teenager!

    Your video and audio quality was great. What kind of camera did you get? Is it high-def?

  4. Very nice Denis, yeah the basement workshop is a great place especially in the winter time (stay a little warmer than the other guys) just wish the celing was a little higher.

    Congrats on the new blog, have fun…and oh yeah…still don’t have that keeping chest done yet…paaaaay back! πŸ™‚


  5. teenagewoodworker

    I got a JVC evario camcorder. its very very nice. its got a lot of nice features and its a 30 gig harddrive. my friend is good with computers and he says it shoots in hd. but this is in an mpeg file. in the avi the picture was 100 times better. i also have a series overview video and that is in avi and the picture is flawless.

    ahhhh Ace you caught me πŸ™‚ i just have yet to order the hardware. i never seem to have that little measly 50 dollars hanging around. maybe when i order the stuff for the desk ill get it for the keeping chest, and maybe the clock also… hmmm… just maybe πŸ˜‰

  6. nice job

  7. Nice tour. It seems you have a lot more tools since Charles Neil visited, and pretty well organized. cool collection of wood you have there, with great videos like this it won’t belong that Charles, John Nixon, T chisel and the woodwhisper better look out. Keep the good

  8. Nice tour , Big D, I am still amazed at what you accomplish and how well, in your small shop,as too all of us internet guys being worried..I not concerned in the least…I KNOW you gonna be the next woodworking star, your talent at your age ..its a given…and up there with North Bennet school, and Tommy ( T chisel), you got alot of good influences…keep it up….you have found your calling….I love it.

  9. Charles Jackson III

    Nice shop tour, keep up the good work, Dennis.

  10. Nice site. In florida we don’t have basemetns….so seeing all those tools in that confined space makes me claustrophobic. I could not do it man…

    So if you are as good as you are now, in that space imagine what you can do with a shop that has high ceilings and lots of natural light.

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