Hey Everyone!

TeenagewoodworkerHey Everyone!

Welcome to my blog. I am hoping to make this the new permenant home for my blog, where i will show everyone what goes on in my shop and how i do thing. I am hoping to keep a relatively intermediate level and try to show new things so you can learn somethign everytime you come to my blog. I will be having a shop tour up pretty soon to show everyone around my shop. So thanks for looking at my blog, and i hope that you come back again!


3 responses to “Hey Everyone!

  1. Looks good so far picture and voice crystal clear I look forward to your upcoming videos. Best of luck.

  2. Your videos are a good start, I wish you the best of luck growing your following as you have a good catch name. I do suggest though, before you become too big (internet wise), to get your own domain and host the blog there.

    Jon @ WoodMarvels.com

    • teenagewoodworker

      thanks Jon,
      Im planning on doing that soon. Myself being not that computer savy i figured id start off here until i can get a true website up and running.

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